A blessing in disguise…

Never in our wildest dreams did I think we would be celebrating Easter as spooky zombies!  The beauty of home education is that you can do absolutely what rocks your boat!
We are forever thankful to Lorna and Catherine from the HEN community who were just empathetic, kind and shared their wonderful time to help the rest of us.
Lulu a veteran and a true believer inspired us.  Her sage advice and wisdom gave us that safe place to land.  We got to grips with what was needed.  Lulu’s experiences and stories were palpable and made us want more.
We attended the informal meetings religiously and it was phenomenal support in the dark days of Covid and even more so now. The chance to hear a collective voice share and air our concerns and to be supported was immensely kind and awe-inspiring!
As a family, we have come full tilt, from being fussy pedantic eejits to embracing a nomadic, eclectic lifestyle that has made our little girl very happy.
We are blessed and have an “attitude of gratitude” that has helped us carve a new way of life and see things from our daughter’s perspective.  We have a new lens and it is about tapping into her heart and listening very carefully to the beat of her drum.  We get that now and have connected so much that our HEN experience has truly transformed our lives.
Thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it.  We are the lucky ones and really are living the best versions of our life right now.
We have learned to customize a rich and rewarding learning experience into every facet of our lives.  Our little girl is thriving and it just gives a boost to us as parents to continually evolve.  We really listen but we hear and absorb on every multisensory level that what we say and do has a profound and meaningful effect on shaping our girl’s future and guiding her through her milestones.
It’s a leap of faith and one that was severely tested and resisted.  But embracing this through the vicarious experience of others things started to twig for us.  Once we started to dig a little deeper and bond with other parents we embraced those new ideas and forged a path of our very own to follow.
The slight change in trajectory has had a seismic impact on our daughter’s ability to progress.  We are not caught up with what is going on “out there” it is what is going on “in here” that is really rocking.  That is what we have learned that really matters.
Lorna, Catherine, Lulu you give the 3 wisemen a run for their money!  You will never know how very thankful we are to you!  A guiding light that shines so bright you inspire our family.  The ripple effect will be felt for years…..
Can’t stop thanking you all for what you do, and how you do it.  It is so commendable it is just a selfless act of kindness that helped us face our fear and embrace a new way of thinking.  
Ladies you rock!
Aisling, Fintan, Liz xxx 

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