Getting Started

If you are new in home-education, you would probably like to find resources in how to do things. Thankfully, there is a long list of wonderful and inspiring books out there as well as very useful websites to help you decide what method or philosophy suits you and your family best. Please see our section on What is Home Education for details of some of our favourite resources.

Our Short Film and Member Stories are there to give you a snap shot into the daily lives of home educators in Ireland.


There is nothing quite like talking directly to parents who have years of experience in home education. Our network of volunteers take regular calls from families new to home education, offering support and advice wherever they can.

For some families home education is a natural progression as their child grows, for others it becomes an alternative option when school is no longer the best choice for their child. From pre-schoolers, to teens, from unschooling families to structured learning you can rest assured our members have plenty experience to share!


In 2000, the Irish Government brought in a system of registration for home educated children aged six to sixteen, with teenagers usually staying on the register until they reach eighteen. To help home educators to understand this process HEN (Ireland) compiled a guide which is available to all HEN members.

More information & Tusla Contact details


It is really important that the home educating families have a support system around them, HEN can be that support network.

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