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Representative: Iva 0830391313

Croatian, lawyer, married, mum to a girl age 7, homeschooling / unschooling since the beginning, fluent in Croatian, English, German. Can speak but not fluent in Italian.

Representative: Meadhbh O’Leary  0879089079 /

Meadhbh, mother to three girls. All unschooled until eldest started in transition year aged 15 and a half. Eldest now in leaving cert. 14 yr old and 11 yr old were unschooled and have just started in a democratic school (Sudbury). I was a primary teacher for over 10 years and I have also had experience teaching at 2nd and 3rd level

Facebook groupHome education in Cork (and surrounding areas)

Dublin South

Representative: Lorna 0857234429 /

Irish mum to 2 kiddies, age 8 & 4, unschooling, eldest was previously in school.

Representative: Deanna 0831097476

Home ed mum of 5 ages 9, 8, 6, 5, 1yrs, Please contact via whats app.

Facebook groupDublin Area Home Education


Representative: Marta Dorigo Salamon

I have been unschooling my daughter – born in 2012 – from the start for a mixture of reasons. We moved to Ireland from Italy in December 2018 and we joined HEN immediately. I am an intuitive healer, but currently my days are happily filled mostly with motherhood and unschooling.

Representative: Sarah Mc Loughlin 085 7192511 /

I have been unschooling my boys for nearly 4 years now in beautiful Connemara. As a wellness coach I’m conscious of finding ways to make things work and I bring that to our homeschooling experience whenever I can. I’m also a second level teacher so I have experience of both sides of the education system.

Facebook groups: Galway Home Educators in Action

 Galway Home Education (Homeschooling /Unschooling) and Surrounding Areas 

 Smallz Homeschoolers (Galway)


Representative: Lindsey 0833526879 /

I live with my husband and 2 boys in Dundalk Co Louth. My eldest is 8. Together we are following a structured home learning curriculum. He has some learning needs and previously attended a special needs school for 3 years. My youngest is nearly 3. I am contactable for any information or advice with regards structured home learning.

Facebook group: If you know of one please let us know,


Representative: Carmel Duffy 0863751752/

Involved in Home Education/Unschooling , learning with her husband and ten children on their smallholding 1979 – 2019, with help from friends, extended family, outside clubs, activities and skill sharers.

Facebook group:  Meath Home Educators


Representative: Annemie 0899533183 /

Annemie, previously Special needs teacher and Trauma playtherapist – now full-time homeschool mum to 4 awesome homeschool kiddos: ages 17, twins of 8 and 7.

Facebook group:  Homeschoolers Monaghan


Representative: Anna

I am a mum to 2 boys (8yo. and 2yo.). We are a bilingual (Russian/English) family living in Sligo for the last 9 years. Both boys are home educated from the start. We are very eclectic in our choices from following a curriculum to child/interest lead learning to unschooling. And yes, parents are perfectly capable of educating their own kids.

Facebook group:  Sligo home educators


Representative: Angelica

Mum of two (15&13), eldest was previously in school. We mostly unschool, with some semi-structured parts.

Representative: Mieke 086 8272036 /

Irish mum to 2 children age 8 and 11, using an eclectic mix of unschooling and Irish primary curriculum books. Previously in school.

Facebook groupHomeschooling in Waterford


Representative: Margaret Quaid 0539429267

Representative: Claire Butler-Hastings

My husband and I choose to home educate our 11 year son. We have lived overseas and tried schooling here for a year.

Facebook groupWexford Home Education


Representative: Clara Flanagan 085 7214944 or 087 4661924 /

We have three children and have been learning at home (and in many other places) from the very beginning. I’m originally from Germany, my husband is Irish and our approach is fairly eclectic. I’m happy to chat or help!

Facebook groupWicklow Home Edventures

West Wicklow Home Educators

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