Record Keeping – tips and ideas for record keeping of activities, schooling and progress.

At present in Ireland there is no requirement to keep records, so it’s not something that you legally have to do in order to home educate here.

So, why choose to keep records of your home education tasks? These are a couple of reasons why I’ve personally kept a record of our education through the years.

You may want a personal record, for those days when it feels like you’ve done nothing. Take a look through your education records and you’ll find that you’ve done more than you think.

Looking back at past records can also help you see progress in areas like hand writing and math.

It also depends on the kind of home educator you are. Whether you unschool or are a textbook homeschooler with bookwork all day and breaks like you’d have in a traditional school. Regardless of how you home educate, there are plenty of ways to keep records. In fact I often keep mine by looking back and reflecting on what we’ve done as opposed to planning and then ticking items off of a list.

Over our 8 years of home education, I’ve kept records in different ways through the years.